NEALS NP001 Webinar

NEALS NP001 Webinar Registration


The Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS) is hosting a webinar to explain the Phase 2B in more detail on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 3:00 – 4:00 PM EST. The webinar will feature Dr. Robert G. Miller, M.D. of the Forbes-Norris ALS Clinic at California Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Miller will present the scientific rationale supporting the clinical trial, likely including a discussion of the data obtained in the previous NP001 clinical trials.

Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is currently enrolling up to 120 individuals with ALS and evidence of systemic inflammation in a second Phase 2 study of its investigational treatment NP001, an immune system regulator. Inflammation is thought to be a contributing factor to ALS disease progression and existing NP001 data suggest that it may have an effect on inflammation in the immune system. This additional Phase 2 study is being conducted to test whether NP001 slows the progression of ALS symptoms in patients who have evidence of increased inflammatory activity in their blood.


We at Hope NOW For ALS strongly urge our friends who are currently living with ALS and/or their caregivers to register for and attend this webinar in order to learn more about this clinical trial. You can look HERE to find a participating clinic closest to you, along with contact information to enroll. We strongly urge all of our friends who meet the inclusion criteria to enroll in this trial as quickly as possible. The quicker this study is fully enrolled and the quicker all enrolled PALS complete the trial protocol, the quicker the trial data results will be available possibly resulting in FDA market approval for NP001. One of our Board of Directors was part of an effort to hasten enrollment of the Phase 2A trial of NP001, resulting in the trial data being available 3 months earlier than originally anticipated. We believe in results, so we are getting behind this effort to fully enroll this trial as quickly as possible.